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Hey guys =D

For now, I'll just be using this page to list the guild's possessions and the price for those. I don't care if you buy those to sell them back. Suggestions are welcome anytime.

All prices are in million gold, and I'm open to trades

Dragon God's Bow +3            850
Dragon God's Bow                 120
Dragon God's Greaves            120
Dragon God's Staff +2           440
Dragon God's Leggings +1      230
Phoenix's Bow +3                  455
Phoenix's Bow                        65
Phoenix's Light Armor +1       125
Phoenix's Robe +1                125
Phoenix's Heavy Armor            65
Phoenix's Light Armor +2       230
Phoenix's Leggings +3           445
Phoenix's Leggings +1           125
Depraved Heavy Armor +3     250
Depraved Heavy Armor           32
Depraved Hat                        32
Depraved Boots +2               125
Depraved Light Armor             32
Depraved Chain Boots +2       125
Ring of Sacrifice +2 (x4)        115
Ring of Sacrifice +1 (x3)          60

Secrets of Time (a lot)            38

Poisonous Arrows (6000)            12500 gold each
Screaming Cannonballs (3600)     36000 gold each
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